5 Reasons to Live in Madeira Island

There a lot of reason we can give you to live in Madeira Island, but for now, we will tell you the most 5 popular reasons to live on the island of the eternal spring! The reasons are: 1. Safety Madeira Island is an extremely safe place. Crime rates are very low. In the newspapers, […]

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Noções básicas para fazer uma boa compra de casa

The Basics of making a good home purchase

Learn more about the Basics of making a good home purchase. Like marriage, home buying is a part of love, a part of the legal transaction and it starts with a proposal. When you are ready to buy a home, making a good offer is important: oral promises are not legally applicable in real estate […]

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The climate of Madeira – The Island of Eternal Spring

It may seem strange, but many people don’t know that Madeira Island is part of the Madeira Archipelago. Besides it, there is also the Porto Santo Island (easily visited, either by boat or by plane), besides the Desertas and Selvagens (these, natural reserves accessed only by boat). From some points of Madeira Island, we can […]

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Luxury villas in Portugal

There are so many amazing luxury villas in Portugal that you should definitely experience once in a lifetime. From South to North you can find luxury villas in Portugal that can take your breath away. In this article, we will nominate, out of order, some of them, according to trip advisor ranking. There is some […]

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